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With its outstanding handling characteristics, the BMW R100 Cafe Racer is an outstanding motorcycle to own. Its high efficiency and fuel consumption make it an excellent choice for the average Joe.

The BMW R100 Cafe Racer has a twin cylinder, four-stroke engine that is designed and built in Germany. With its long stroke length, it provides better fuel mileage. With this design, the air flow is less restricted to reduce vibrations and noise pollution as well as fuel wastage. The R100 engine features variable valve timing and is usually made of cast iron.

The BMW R100 Cafe Racer's lightweight construction makes it one of the most efficient machines on the road today. It features a carbon fiber twin spar frame that helps to provide a rigid backbone for the bike and improves the bike's stability. The lightweight construction also aids in a smooth, comfortable ride and ensures that you enjoy the most out of your ride. The weight of the bike is around five hundred pounds and is ideal for the rider who is not used to being on a long distance journey.

The BMW R100 Cafe Racer features an electronic control unit that allows you to change gears with precision. The system also allows you to set the engine speed to either full throttle or to the speed of the bike. The system also allows you to select the top speed limit when you reach it. The system also offers you the option of customizing your bike with different color schemes and graphics.

The BMW R100 Cafe Racer is designed to provide you with an easy, comfortable ride. The lightweight design and good handling characteristics make the bike easy to maneuver and make it a perfect bike for everyday use.

The BMW R100 Cafe Racer has a host of other features that make the bike more comfortable and convenient to ride. For example, the rear seat is designed with an adjustable harness to ensure comfort while you are riding. The controls are also designed with ergonomic comfort in mind so that they are easy to manipulate and operate, with quick access to the buttons.

The BMW R100 Cafe Racer also features a digital tachometer that offers speed, altitude and battery voltages. The tachometer is connected to the throttle body and displays the engine speed, gear position, and battery capacity. The computer includes a backup diagnostic function which enables the user to check and verify that the bike is running correctly even if the battery is dead.

The BMW R100 Cafe Racer also features a brake system that has been designed to give the rider added safety. It comes with ABS that is designed to provide better braking power on wet and slippery roads. When braking the brakes, the brake pads are designed to absorb the shock and minimize the risk of serious damage to the motorcycle frame.

The BMW R100 Cafe Racer is a great machine and is one of the most technologically advanced bikes available. It is easy to find one in good condition online or at local motorcycle stores and dealers.

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