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The BMW R65 Cafe Racer is one of the most famous models in BMW's recent lineup. BMW has made a big deal out of it, but the truth is that the R65 is just another version of BMW's first family of motorcycles. BMW wanted to do something different for their family and they did it by offering a new version of this family of motorcycles, the BMW R65 Cafe Racer.

The BMW R-series line of motorcycles was designed in the 1970's to make use of modern technology for lightweight motorcycles. The idea was that this lightweight design would allow BMW to offer a more responsive ride and less resistance to road bumps and potholes. The new design for the BMW R-series line of motorcycles also allowed BMW to create a motorcycle that had more power than ever before.

The new BMW R-series bikes are the latest in a long line of models that were designed with a specific target audience in mind. The original R series bikes were meant to appeal to the younger generation, the next generation, and finally the old generation. BMW took all of these needs into consideration when designing their new R-series line of motorcycles. This means that while a younger person will find this type of motorcycle much easier to ride and handle than an older rider, there will be plenty of power and speed for everyone else.

BMW took their design to a new level by making use of all the new features that come standard on the BMW R-series bikes. These include things such as LED tail lights, a new model of BMW fender vents and custom exhaust systems. There is also a new model of BMW exhaust called the “Luxury Pack” which allows BMW fans to customize their bike's exhaust system to their heart's content.

When it comes to the BMW R-series bikes, there are two basic types to choose from. The BMW R-model and the BMW R65 Cafe Racer are both of course available in the standard colors of blue, red, green, white, and black. However, BMW R-models has the added option of choosing from a variety of additional colors for the body work and body kit options on the bike. This includes blue for the fenders, black for the sides, red for the engine cowling, and black for the side skirts.

BMW R-models can also be purchased with side skirts, a full body kit, a seat, and a full tailgate. for a low end or an aggressive look. If you want to go with the full package, there is even a BMW R-style seat with a console to raise your center of gravity.

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